Daniel Kim

Before moving to the Bay Area, Daniel worked as a full-time coach in the MJ International Club. He also played competitively and was an elite member of World Table Tennis Club in Korea. Daniel has experience in personal training and conditioning and holds a bachelor degree in Accounting/Finance Texas ChristianUniversity.


Daniel believes a coach’s philosophy towards teaching is as important as his skillset. As a coach, Daniel is capable of breaking down complex techniques into bite-sized pieces so even a beginner can execute them without feeling overwhelmed. He tries to help them leave with a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day, which he ultimately believes will help them stay engaged with the sport. He spends a great amount of time critically observing and analyzing professional players and his students to keep up with new techniques and game strategies, as well as teaching methods.


Career Highlights:

  • Training under Korean national players and Chinese National Players
  • Invited and played in Shanghai International Club
  • 2016 YoungNam Donic/Tagro Open – 1stplace in Men’s singles and teams
  • 2016 91stBusan Yeonhab Competition – 3rdplace in Men’s singles
  • 2016 92stBusan Yeonhab Competition – 1stplace in Men’s singles
  • 2016 21stBusan Competition – 1stplace in Men’s singles
  • 2016 28thBusan North Region Competition – 3rdplace in Men’s singles
  • 2017 22ndBusan Competition – 1stplace in Men’s singles
  • 2018 1stYangSan Open – 2ndplace in Men’s singles, 1stplace in Men’s Teams