Intense Training Program

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Intense Training Program

PongPlanet Intense Training Program is a complete package of high level training designed for students who want to reach their full potential in table tennis and get to a high level in competition. This program includes packages of one-on-one private lessons and group lessons.

While one-on-one private lessons are the most efficient and effective method to improve for the amount of time given, the group class allows the students to participate in games and competition.

In addition to the physical benefit, long-term table tennis training provides an opportunity for children to learn how to deal with competition and cope with both winning and losing. They’ll also learn important values such as sportsmanship, honesty, teamwork, fair play, and respect. In addition, a well-rounded experience from training, competing and potential volunteering could add great plus points to a student’s future college application.



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Packages: Option A $700/month, Option B $950/month *Membership is required to join the Intense Training Program. 

Please contact us if you have any questions.

What is included in the program?

  • 8 or 12 Private Lessons a month (option A/B)
  • 1.5 hrs/week of high-quality group training
  • Tuesday & Saturday RR League and Friday Mini Tournament Play
  • 50% discount on camps
  • A 30-mins personal Match analysis per month
  • Personalized physical training plan and consultation
  • Coaching in tournaments twice a year
  • PongPlanet Team shirts/uniforms
  • 10% discount on additional private lessons
  • 20% equipment purchase
  • Cash prizes ($50 1st Place, $20 2nd Place in any USATT Sanctioned tournaments)