PongPlanet Group Classes

Junior Training Program

PongPlanet Kids Group Classes are perfect for beginners to intermediate level. Our coaches impart the highest quality of training and attention to detail, which is achieved by enforcing a healthy coach-to-kids ratio per table. Compared to similar programs at other clubs, ours offer the best value for the investment made in this sport.

Kids will learn basic rules, grip, stance, forehand drive, footwork, backhand drive, serve/service return, smash etc. Hand-eye co-ordination and basic drills will be part of this class.  Learning the basics are the key to a solid foundation and kids can enjoy playing ping pong as a great lifetime sport.

Currently Available Classes:

Junior Class(ages 7-14) Friday 3:45pm-5pm, Saturday 10:15am-11:30am and Sunday 3pm-4:15pm.

Younger Kids Class(ages 4-6) Sunday 3pm-4pm

$120 *intro offer (4-session in 1 month)  

$245/8-session in 2 months, Members only pay $195 plus get 8-week league play for free.

$350/10-session use within 1 year (most flexible option)

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Adult Group Class

The group training environment not only gives you individual attention from the coach but also the immediate ability to practice with other players, what you learn from the coach. Each session will focus on different components of the game and also include robot drills.

Compare to private  lessons, group class gives you a more relaxed environment where you can learn the right techniques from the professional coaches and play with similar level players. Also, it is a good place to meet new friends and possibly get a potential training partner.

Current Available Class:

Thursday 6:30pm-7:30pm

$99 *intro offer (4-session in 1 month)

$30/session, Members pay only $25

$199/8-session in 2 months, Members pay only $160

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