League Play

Tuesday/Saturday Round Robin Leagues Monthly Cash Prizes Giveaway

cash prize no.1

The Month of May Final Winners

No.1 Ranked Player George Sanguinetti   $50 cash

No.2 Ranked Player Nikhil Chawla             $30 cash

No.3 Ranked Player Riley Woo                   $20 cash



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Tuesday 7:30pm & Saturday 2:00pm

Round Robin League @ PongPlanet

$100 Cash Prize Monthly Giveaway!


By the end of each month, we will accumulate the points and give out cash prizes to No.1 ranked player and No.2 ranked player of the month and a random player who has 12 points and over. (Note: those points are for cash prize only, not related to league rating points)


$50 for No.1 Ranked Player

$30 for No.2 Ranked Player

$20  – We will draw a lucky winner among the players who have 12 or more points.


How to earn points?

Winner of each table gains 3 points

Every participant gains 1 point (not the winners)

Earn 12 points or more to get a chance to win a $20 cash prize


Here is the LINK to create an account and pay for the $25/year basic membership. Note: if you have played the leagues previously, you should already have an account with USATT, in that case, you just need to click “Forgot Password?” in the upper right conner and enter your email address to reset your password.

USATT League rating applied.

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The points are reset every month.

If the No.1 ranked player and No.2 ranked player have the same points, the player who has a higher league rating will be the No.1 ranked player.

The cash prize may change depending on the # of participants.

Welcome All Levels!